Saturday, March 7, 2009

What if I muck up?

So what? what if you eat a Mars Bar - or tuck into a plate of chips.. guess what? Its called living.

just don't beat yourself up and stop - that's what most people do.. and then they never get the results they were so desperate to achieve.

By now most of us have shared our journey and our body reshaping... This post is to let you know that we ALL take a swerve off the track.. and we just kept going.

the best thing is - that with this product we are using - it all evens out - roughly - and we STILL are reshaping, shedding weight... how amazing is that?

so comments please..

whats the naughtiest thing you ate or did... and what was the result?

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  1. I think we all much up - go off the track or the bandwagon - but what is important is to recognise why and when you did it.. and not do it again. The other thing is - this program is so great - that EVEN if you do eat that chocolate - or chips.... as long as you are doing 95% of the time the best you can - you are still going to shed weight.
    I had a bit of a shocker last week - I was forced to post each of my indescreptancies on my blog - - where I ate half a dozen chips one day, a jelly snake another day... and I was not expecting at all to have changed my shape - but I did... and was so thrilled!! have been MUCH better this week....will be posting my results when I measure up tommorrow....


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