Thursday, March 5, 2009

My eating habits

I have now been taking this great product since Christmas Eve, so just over 2 months. I enjoyed my Xmas, we had pavlova, caramel tarts, lollies, etc. And my mum made me a Christmas cake, so of course I had to eat it!! Most people gain weight over Christmas, I actually shed 6cm and lost a kilo!!

So since Xmas, I have now shed 33.5cm off my body and 3kg. It is so nice when someone comments on how I've lost weight, because really I feel no different. Yes I have dropped a dress size and can nearly fit into clothes I haven't worn for 8 years. (Yes, it is also a bit sad I have had these favourites in my closet for 8 years!! LOL)

I was a chocoholic and loved drinking milk, but I gave these up because I really wanted this to work (for good). I want to be wearing a beautiful strappy number for my daughters graduation in December. Since taking this product, I don't even crave chocolate. Every time I went to the shop I would buy chocolate, even if it was twice a day, everyday. Now I just walk past this aisle with no temptation whatsoever.

I allow myself treats, every night since starting, I have had a mango with Light and creamy ice cream for dessert. I did this because I was going from eating probabaly 3 blocks of chocolate a week to none, so slowly weaning myself off these addictions was best for me. And this week I have had no ice cream. If the kids have cooked muffins, patty cakes, slices, I have one (before it would be two or three).
I have cereal, toast or a smoothie for breakfast. I try to eat fruit for morning tea, today I had a gingerbread cookie, a flavoured tuna sandwich for lunch, meat, chicken or fish with vege for dinner, ice cream for dessert. I constantly snack on grapes, yogurt, cheese slices, nuts. As I know this will keep my metabolism going during the day. Most days I find its lunchtime and I haven't eaten, because my appetite has been suppressed.

This is a lifestyle change, we need to still enjoy life!! Just find a balance, good food is sooo yummy, who can resist!! It all about control, you can have your favourites, just a smaller portion...and then balance it out the next day with healthier choices.

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  1. thanks for sharing this Jo - you really are insiprational to all of us - and its great to know that this stuff REALLY works - even if you have been a bit naughty


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