Sunday, March 22, 2009

Falling WAAAAAY off track

The last few days have been a bit of a tussle for me and I have fallen way off the eating plan I have. I am not looking forward to Tuesday and the measure up as I know there is very little chance of seeing lower numbers and am preparing myself for it to even go up.

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I understand that about now is the time that the universe - your God, your will is tested with your new choices with food and your eating plan.. but I have fallen off the proverbial wagon... and its hard to scrabble back on board.

Raw Food Journey is the blog I have committed to in posting every day,everything that passes my lips. Its been a great tool as I feel I have a responsibility to remain truthful and fess up with everything - even when its been embarrassing and really naughty. Its been a great strength for me to draw on as I don't want the pain of having to write bad things down.

I had hoped that this site would also be a place where the others within the body shaping group , could share their thoughts, recipes, strategies, celebrate their journey,and draw on the feedback and support of others during this time.

I certainly know that when I reach my goal and people will want to know how I did it, what was going through my head and if I slipped up at all - that I can point them to my site and say - its all there - warts and all. Nothing is as disheartening to see someone reshape their body and then hear that it had been really easy for them, that 'all they did was......" and then feel that there is no way that you could ever do what they had done.. so you just give up.. you never try it and you remain feeling like crap. I know - I have been on a diet for over 20 years - varying successes - but never really been successful. This has been the only time that it has really worked. I am desperate for it to work not only for myself - but for other people and I want to share my journey, my failures and my successes - warts and all. I want people to say - hell - if SHE can do it and boy - look at her - anyone can do it.

JoJo has been great in sharing her story - her ups and downs - and she will serve as a great ambassador to both her friends and those on the net looking for answers. Anyway - I do hope that more of the gang feel confident enough to start to share their journey.

till Tues I guess...

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