Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motivation is the key

Well after last week letting loose on the diet, I was determined to 'behave' this week. So I didn't eat as many sweet things, I did have some, my portion was just smaller. Had my smoothie for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and ate more vegies for dinner, snacked on nuts, fruit and the occasional naughty, lol. Unfortunately my weight went up today and measurements are the same. So I think I need to drink more water each day and get rid of those damn chocolate berries!! So that is my aim, to drink 1 1/2 litres to 2 litres of water each day and do more exercise.

One positive, I dropped an order off to a lady on Saturday, who I have not seen since January. Her comment as she opened the door was " Gee Jo, how much weight are you going to lose??" Of course my comment was a lot more yet!! So it is always nice when someone notices, even though I feel the same, it is workingand people are noticing!! So that helps keep my motivation going, I will be a size 14-16 by Christmas!! So never give up, tomorrow is a new day!!

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  1. You are doing so great! You can notice your changes - def... so keep it up!


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