Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you normally eat?

By now people are asking us - what is it that you are doing? wow you look fantastic.. etc.

Its wonderful to get these compliments - however - most people then say - oh you must be starving yourself, you must have cut out everything nice - I could never do that...

so everyone.... please post your comments below

  • what is in your 'normal' eating habits?
  • what advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining us - or asking us for more info on what on earth we are doing to shed SOOOO much weight.
oh- and we can't actually TELL you what the product that we are using is - company rules... but as always - if you are interested - email us and contact us for further info.. you won't be disappointed.

1 comment:

  1. this is a great space for people in the group to share what thier normal days food intake looks like - so that others who come to visit can say - hey - if they eat that AND still shed weight and they aren't even exercising like a maniac - then heck - I can do it too!!!

    Personally I am a little different to the others in food intake - for personal reasons I have begun a 100% raw foods diet - which I achnowledge is a very extreme course of action. Yo udon't need to do this in order for the program to work. read what others are doing and don't judge it on me...go to if you want to know what I am eating on a daily basis - I record everything -even my naughty stuff - there.


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