Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My week

Well another week gone, and I have to admit, it wasn't a good one. I was lacking motivation this week and I have been really tired, just wanting to sleep in and not get up and do the Wii Fit, the cool mornings haven't helped. Good to snuggle into the blankets. I haven't exercised on the Wii Fit for over 2 weeks now and got the munchies really bad this week. Just eating those 'sweet things', which is my weakness. I had 6 pikelets with jam and cream on Sunday morning, my breakfast in bed watching dvd's. I know I had too many but they tasted soooo good. Haven't eaten my vegies this week either and bit slack on the water too. And those dreaded chocolate covered berries...

I cooked a roast chicken and vegie on the weekend, the only thing is I ate 4 pieces of pumpkin, again it tasted sooo good. Maybe it was just a week where I needed these, my body was obviously craving these. ( Well thats what I think, LOL) So I guess it is important to have a little of everything we like and not deny ourselves or feel guilty when we do splurge! A friend said today, we have to 'live'. It is just important to find that balance...

So I wasn't expecting any results in the measurements. The cms didn't alter this week, I lost 300g, which is nothing really. But the good thing is I didn't gain after my splurges!!

I am back on track today, I came home after dropping the kids at school and mowed the lawn. Tomorrow back into the Wii Fit, eating my vegies and drinking that water. I am extremely happy to have lost 37.5cms off my body so far and drop a dress size ( 20 to an 18, nearly a 16) since Christmas. I have given myself until December to be a size 14 - 16, if I suceed better than this, than that is an extra bonus. This is a life change, I don't ever want to be a size 20 again!!

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