Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Measure Ups

Well, its that time again - and hopefully everyone is excited - not dreading this time of week - unlike other fad diet programs or shaming groups.

Pretty much everyone each week we have been meeting have had a substantial 'release' of fat and has just about been jumping out of their skins to share with everyone else.

Please post your comments below with :
your name
total inches or cms shedded
how you are feeling energy wise
any other thing about your journey you may have noticed.

It important to share these last two things in particular - as when you reach your goal - you will forget about the bad stuff - how you used to feel - and find it hard to remember feeling any other way but great.
Its also important to share here as not only people within our group will be interested in your progress - you can serve to inspire other people to take this journey with you.

1 comment:

  1. Annie here - I have a goal of sheddding an inch 'somewhere' collectivly on my body per week. so:
    half an inch on my bust half an inch on my waist and half an inch on my arms.
    I am feeling bouncy and vibrant - even though I have started a number of activities and my weeks are really busy. My husband commented on the silkiness of my skin - even my elbows!


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