Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Introducing Annie

Hi – I’ m Annie - I am a Mum, a Writer and a Thaumaturg ( what mother isn't?) I am passionate about community and social inclusion using my skills as a communicator ( you are never an "ex" teacher) to act as a catalyst between people, ideas and quality information.

To give you a bit of back ground about me - I have taken a sabbatical from paid employment to explore creative pursuits including writing. I draw on my years as a teacher and time in the corporate field to bring life experience to my eclectic style of writing. I have written speculative science fiction, feminist literature, romance, adventure and magazine articles exploring themes in mothering, feminism, spirituality and sharing my journey as a woman and mother – If you’d like to see my work – go here for the links.

I am currently involved with a number of collaborative writing projects in both fiction and non fiction, loving the challenge of being a section editor for TypeA Mom, a weekly Columnist for Write Anything as well as conducting workshops with community and speaking at key events.

In saying all of this – you can gather I like to be busy and kept challenged.. and I have allowed my fitness and health to slide over the years of being a mum and just simply being busy. I have always had challenges with my weight and have been on some sort of diet or fad for 25 years. I stacked weight on after my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent radiotherapy and just got worse and worse ever since.

The most ‘successful’ diet I went on was the black coffee and 2 apple diet – as much black coffee and water you can consume in a day and two apples. I lost nearly 15kgs on that – for my wedding.. and that I think was the start of the decline of my metabolism and insulin allergy.

I am nearing the big 40 birthday – in 6 months – and have made the decision I am not going to be fat and 40.

So – am willing now to do anything – to try anything to shed weight and get back on track. I have made my own accountability blog here where I record everything I eat and what I do. I'd love you to drop by sometime - give me some encouragement!

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  1. You are going to look and feel fabulous for your 40th, you will have all those young fella's chasing you on that cruise!! Adrian better keep you on a leash....LOL


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