Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Product

what is that 'stuff' you are taking?

Well - its a new and advanced protein powder that will help shed weight and keep it off. Its nothing like all the other weight loss powder blends you've tried - guarenteed.

It uses a specially formulated whey protein derivative that actually includes peptides. Peptides are amino acids that help your body maintain it's lean muscle while losing fat.

This is exactly what you want to do to get that toned, lean look. Sometimes muscle is lost during a weight loss program - that's not attractive and it's not healthy. You want to keep all of the muscle and lose the fat. That's what it does. It's not about how many kgs or pounds you lose - it's about how much fat you lose and how much lean muscle you keep.

This product utilizes an exclusive patented process in which specific parts of whey protein, peptides are separated out and then concentrated into a formula that is geared towards fat loss. The peptide formula is combined with minerals from the whey and together, they make this specific powder.

You mix the powder with a drink - juice, milk, coffee, meal replacement drinks or water, or food twice a day. If you drink it, you should use it 20 minutes before your morning and evening meals. If you prefer, you can sprinkle the powder directly onto your food. I think I will let the people who are using it to comment on its taste - suffice to say - we all have our own ways of taking it!

Probably the most outstanding thing about this product is that it truly targets fat and leaves the lean muscle intact. This is because the peptides, which are separated from the whey, are free to work in the way they work best, and they are also concentrated in a high level for optimal efficiency.

As you lose the fat, but keep the muscle, your metabolism will increase. This is an obvious benefit because as your metabolism increases, your body will burn fat and calories more efficiently and quickly.

This product is instrumental in telling your brain that your body is satisfied with less food. When you take it before your meal, or even with it, you will have a feeling of being full faster - leading you to eat less. So, besides attacking fat, it's also helping to curb your appetite.

Over a short amount of time, you'll notice that you're shedding fat and your clothes are getting loose - a sure sign that this product is working. With moderate exercise, you will be ensuring better health, and delivering another blow to fat while building muscle. The result is going to be a leaner healthier body that is more resistant to many types of disease including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, and looks great.

So the bottom line is - this is not a replacement meal - its something you take just before a meal - to help you not pig out - plus it raises your metabolism and burns fat. wow - how good is that?

Another unexpected, but welcome effect that this product has is that it can give you added energy, help you sleep better and generally feel better. And these effects spill over into the rest of your life. Research has shown that people who get good nights sleep are generally healthier and leaner with increased energy.

I know many of us can certianly say YES! to all of these claims - we are living proof...

go - on - ask us more about this! ( but we can't say what the product is or the company name here on this blog... sorry...)

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