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This is a public space for a group of committed women ( so far) who are serious about shedding unwanted weight and reshaping our bodies - FOR LIFE.

We have been meeting once a week for 4 weeks and today spoke a bit about being accountable to each other and about the power of keeping a diary or a journal of our journey. We decided that there were going be people who are going to want to know 'how you did it." and sometimes its hard to remember if you felt challenged - or what those challenges were when you are past them.

I have used a group site as an accountability measure for me for a number of other things - and have found you are more likely to keep going if you have others who are relying on you to do so.... especially if its so public - like the internet.....

This will be a central spot to put the recipes, hints and tips, and every week - for each of us write a little round up of our week - only a few sentences is necessary - no measurements are necessary - but an over all - eg..."I shed 1 inch this week - etc.. keeping everyone inspired and enthusiastic.

For the brave - you can post a before photo up if you want.

You can also note down what you eat - something that one member said struck a cord with me - people are going to want to know that this is NOT a fad diet - that you can live a normal life, eat normally etc - so by you noting this down - it will show others that they too can do this.

The only thing I will say is that we DO NOT mention the company name of the proudcts we are using nor the products names ANYWHERE. It is against company policy for anyone to do this..so we don't want to get into trouble.

this is an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference to not only your own but others lives by leading by example.

For anyone interested in finding out more about the products we are using, I will set up a seperate email address for individual enquiries and will NOT discuss anything publically in comments or on this blogspot.

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  1. I have been the same weight for 8 years, and am sooo happy to be shedding this weight once and for all!! I have lost 25cm off my body since Christmas..have dropped a dress size and am feeling great. The greatest thing is when someone else notices your achievements. I am doing this to be healthy and be around for my 5 kids. Anyone who knows me, knows I love chocolate!! I no longer crave chocolate, which has stunned me!! I am looking forward to buying new clothes for Winter!!


Thanks for taking the time to comment! If you'd like to know a little more specifics about what products we are using; unfortunately we cannot discuss them here - however, please feel free to contact us on lean4lifegroup@yahoo.com.au