Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Measure Ups - first public one.

So each week after our meeting, we talk about how much we have reshaped our bodies. On this blog, I will post up a weekly measure up and get everyone to add thier comments at the bottom.

I don't see anything on the scales as yet - and I guess many of us haven't - but I long forwent trusting that evil machine in anycase. There is something about it - the way it beeps so nonchalontly at you and then demands you wait for a certian time before you step onto it. THEN it flicks WAAAAAY past your weight and you feel like jumping off the roof, before it slowly clicks the numbers back to a number that has got to be wrong. nahh - I don't trust the little buggers.

We been all been told not to get on the scales ( but come on - we do anyway - just to see..I won't do that again in a hurry)

Its all to do with reshaping - thats good for me! who cares if the scales say one thing - man if I looked good - then the numbers be damned. Its all about sheding inches from all over the body.

so - We will not be putting the actual measurements here - just way too embarrassing and its private in anycase ( of course if you want to share it - go ahead) - but we will record what has been shed.


  1. since I started
    1.5 inches from bust
    1 inch from waist
    1.5 from hips
    nothing from arms
    1 inch from thighs.

    I have so much to reshape I can't see any difference - but my jeans are much looser - especially round the legs.. so its all good I guess.

  2. Since I started 9 weeks ago, I have lost..

    2cm off my chest (and a cup size)
    5cm off my waist
    6cm off my hips
    5cm off my left leg
    7cm off my right leg
    My arms are gone up by 2 & 3cm, this is all muscle built from digging and paving the driveway!!
    I have shed 3kg, and dropped a dress size.

    I don't feel any different, but people are noticing, and this gives you a big boost to continue, because you can see it is working!!


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