Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turn off the Fat Switch

Turn the Fat Switch Off and Win the Battle of the Bulge

Forget the weight ... throw away the scales and get out the tape measure... it's about losing those centimetres... not just the weight!

This could just be the weight management discovery that tips the scales in your favour.

It's about dropping a dress size, tightening your belt another notch or fitting in to those jeans you bought at the sale last year.

As we age, our bodies tend to hold on to excess fat - especially around the waist and hips. This is because the natural aging process slows down the resting metabolic rate. For healthy weight management we need to support normal metabolism.

At any one time 42% of Australian women and 17% of Australian men are on a diet.

Most of them are destined to fail in their efforts to create that slimmer, trimmer figure. Health experts estimate that as few as 2% of dieters manage to maintain lasting weight loss results.

Part of the problem is that losing body weight usually means sacrificing important lean muscle mass which is required to maintain normal metabolism, which in turn allows you to burn more kilojoules.

Help is now at hand.

Scientists at Mannatech have discovered that the missing link in the weight management puzzle may well be found in a familiar substance that we have know about since childhood .... namely the whey found in Little Miss Muffet's dinner bowl. The secret lies in specific parts of whey protein, called peptides.

Using a patented technology, the peptides from the whey protein are concentrated to ensure an optimal level. They are then combined with calcium-rich minerals from whey to form an innovative, natural product known as OsoLean™ powder.

Why is OsoLean™ powder so different?

It's a world first in fat loss technology.

The Osolean™ exclusive all-natural whey protein blend has shown in clinical trials to target fat loss without reducing muscle.

OsoLean™ will improve your lean mass to fat ratio so that you will see the centimetres disappearing from your waistline, from your hips and from your thighs in no time at all.

  • Converts protein into lean muscle mass
  • Increases metabolism to burn fat
  • Naturally suppresses your appetite so you eat less
  • Regulates hormones to lose stored fat

OsoLean™ is the perfect addition to your 'weight control' plan. It's all natural and mixes with the foods and beverages that you already enjoy.

Keep eating low glycaemic foods, eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink at least 8 glasses of purified water daily and remember to keep up some physical activity and you'll see the fat falling away.

With its advanced and patented protein peptide technology OsoLean™ is the perfect all natural supplement to support your weight control program. It is not a quick-fix for the fat epidemic, but rather one part of a healthy weight-management program.

The results are in!

Here's what is being said by those who have already tried the product:

"At last a product that really works! After 10 days using the OsoLean™ Plan, my thighs had noticeably reduced and after 3 months my overall body measurements have dropped considerably! I am not hungry, have increased energy ..."

"I have achieved great results without changing anything in my daily routine...."

"After 3 months I am thrilled to have lost a total of 9cm around my waist and dropped a dress size...."

180 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try OsoLean™ for 180 Days. If after following the OsoLean™ Plan for up to 180 days you are not satisfied with results, receive 100% of your money back!

To sum up:

OsoLean™ Powder:

  • Advanced protein peptide technology
  • All-natural with no synthetic additives
  • No sweeteners
  • Improves the lean mass to fat ratio
  • Provides essential minerals and nutrients
  • Calcium - 56% daily value
  • Protein - 40% daily value
  • Contains magnesium and phosphorus
  • Easy to use - simply mix twice daily in your favourite beverage

Contact us now and we can send you links to the science behind this program.

You'll also be able to access part of an educational program for those who are serious about losing that weight.

Absolutely nothing to lose but your fat.

  • It's Healthy
  • It's Safe
  • It's Natural
  • It Burns Fat
  • No Nasty Side Effects
  • It's Guaranteed
  • It's the Shape of Things to Come

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