Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Measure Ups

So - its that time of week again!

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please share with all our readers and fans your week. You don't need to give actual measurements - but perhaps an amount you have shed from a specific area - or an overall amount since you started.

Please comment below and when you do

state your name
how long you have been doing this program
the amount you have shed THIS week
the amount you have shed overall.

Plus any hints or tips or insights on how your week has been.. have you been naughty? have you hit the gym hard or just felt flat - or bouncy??

1 comment:

  1. Back on track - though not 100% raw as I would aim to. Been having my green smoothies every day - which has been great for energy levels.
    Overall shedding of 1 1/2 inches this week - boobs and waist - so yay! am really starting to notice it in my jeans - which for the first time in so so long is feeling very loose - around legs and waist.. might be time to buy new ones!!


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