Sunday, May 10, 2009

The New You

So it would seem that we CAN say what the product that we are using is.... so here goes...

This product and program has been developed using ground breaking technology along with a simple to follow eating and fitness plan that will see those centimetres disappearing from your waist, hips, chest and thighs –

This lean program does what most diets cannot – it improves the lean muscle to fat ratio.

A Program that Works!

Simply choose a low GI eating plan and regular activity, and
Enhance the results from your efforts with the benefits of our new technology.

Experience the Benefits of:

• Losing 3 times more fat than lean muscle
• Increasing your lean muscle
• Absorbing more calcium
• Decreasing your appetite

Meaningful Fat Loss:
Fat loss that’s healthy for your body & sustainable...

It's all about tossing your scales and trusting your tape measure!

  • Losing fat and improving lean muscle will change size in cm more than weight in kg.
  • This is about dropping dress sizes, tightening your belt another notch or getting into that pair of jeans again.
  • Understand your body's physiology, and work with it to keep slim, trim and in shape.

    It's like having a 'healthy' secret weapon to Turn the Fat Switch Off!

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