Friday, July 3, 2009

Fat Loss, Weight Loss - whats best?

This product is all about fat loss not weight loss…this is because this product targets and burns fat cells in the human body and does not deplete your healthy lean body tissue.

It’s Important to Lose Fat, Not Just Weight

As adults mature, their bodies tend to hold onto excess body fat. This is because the natural aging process slows down the resting metabolic rate.

When your metabolism slows down, you burn fewer calories. By maintaining lean muscle, you can maintain body strength and keep your metabolism high, which in turn burns more calories.

The Difference Is Advanced Peptide Technology

This product is a specially formulated whey protein blend that includes an advanced protein peptide technology. The peptides target and burn fat cells by converting them into energy. Through a patented process the peptides are extracted and then concentrated to ensure the optimal level of fat loss.

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