Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clinical Study

Gael B
Australian TV Actress
Shed 36cms in 13 weeks

One of the Clinical Studys conducted showed -

Two groups participated in this study. Both reduced their daily intake by 500 calories (2093 kJ); one group added this peptide powder every day. Although both groups lost about the same amount of weight, participants who used this product powder lost more than twice as much fat as those who only dieted.

In the reduced-calorie diet, half the weight lost was fat and half was muscle. By adding this product, more than three quarters of the weight lost was fat! On average, participants taking this product lost 6.1% of their body fat.

The double-blind placebo-control trial results show the fat loss to lean muscle loss ratio is almost 4 to 1. Non-users only 1 to 1.

Participants not only lost centimetres but also had more energy and better appetite control, a definite plus when you’re watching what you eat.

Important Information

"This revolutionary natural product has absolutely no side effects and enables you to lose almost four times more fat than muscle."

"NEW patented technology has been proven in clinical studies, including double-blind placebo-control trials."

"This product will change the way you think about fat loss, and give you real measurable results."

Interested in real fat-loss?

You might think you have heard it all before and you have probably been bitterly disappointed. Here’s your chance to find out about an incredible new product just released in Australia.

This product has already helped thousands of people in America lose weight. Now it’s our turn…

A world leader in the Research and Development of natural health supplementation, with over $2.5 billion in sales behind them, has just launched this product here in Australia.

It is brand new technology in targeted fat-loss. Brand new technology meaning it is different to anything else available – different to anything else you might have already tried.

Great Results From The U.S.

The results in the US have been phenomenal and now Australians will be able to achieve the same incredible fat-loss results from this 100% natural product.

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