Thursday, April 23, 2009

My last two weeks

My last two weeks have been a struggle, I must admit. I am tempted sooo much by sweet things, I'm craving them all the time!! I have tried to get back on track, have started the Wii Fit again and we are paving the rest of the driveway. My poor fingertips (from lifting pavers, no prints left, lol)....My measurements haven't altered, so thats one good thing, at least they didn't go up!! Although I am feeling a little bloated around the stomach. Same 'ol problem, I don't drink enough water, so have bought myself a water bottle and aim to carry it wherever I go. I have started taking the product again, I feel it will stop me craving the sweets. As it was school holidays, we went to the movies twice, so of course you need munchies too nibble on, so I did treat myself to a small bag of lollies. My aim is to shed some more weight this week, so far I have shed 40cm from my body. So that is a great feeling and still have 7 months to reach my goal, so definitely achievable. Until next week...

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  1. you are doing so fantastically Jo - and you look great!! your shedded amount has been fantastic.. - love some before and after shots....


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